TSG Has Partnered With PAETEC Energy

Did you know that TSG can now provide electricity solutions for your company?

Let us help identify areas of savings or build in budget-certainty tailored to your business needs.

  • Electricity Supply & Brokerage: Variable, Fixed and Blended Pricing Strategies
  • Energy Consultation: Rate Analysis, Savings Analysis & Buying Strategy Guidance
  • Energy Procurement: Supplier Sourcing, Comparison & Negotiations
  • No-Cost Energy Education: Enabling Companies To Make Informed Energy Decisions

Personalized Energy Solutions & Continued Support:

Listening to our customer’s needs first and then designing an individualized energy solution has been the key to our success. As market conditions or our client’s needs change, we will be ready to respond.

Let TSG and PAETEC Energy Perform A No-Obligation Savings Analysis For Your Company, It Is Quick And Easy…


Telperion Solutions Group and PAETEC Energy: Giving Your Business The Knowledge Of Power