The Meta Group has published research indicating that 30 cents of every dollar spent on IT produces no value to the business. As a result, IT organizations in today’s economy are doing more with less by better aligning IT with business, consolidating applications wherever possible, and demanding more effective implementation of services.

Desktop and Laptop PC Support
•    Software and Hardware Problem Resolution
•    OS Maintenance, Security Updates
•    Managing AV & AS Software
•    Desktop Application Support

Network Support
•    Local Area Network Management
•    LAN Optimization & Problem Resolution
•    Wide-Area Network Management
•    WAN Optimization & Problem Resolution
•    Internet/ISP & VPN Connectivity

Server Support
•    Microsoft Windows Server
•    Linux Servers
•    File, Mail, & Application Servers

Wireless Support
•    Wi-Fi Design & Installation
•    Wi-Fi Interference Determination

Application Support
•    Application Software Installation
•    Application Maintenance & Security Updates
•    Custom Crystal/SunGard reports

Data Backups
•    Backup Design & Implementation
•    Backup Management

VoIP Support
•    Switch Management & Support
•    SIP Phone Support
•    Soft Phone Support

Disaster Recovery
•    Develop & Maintain Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plans
•    Manage IT Recovery
•    Assist in obtaining Hardware & Software

Management and Operations

Assessment – IT Business Review. Assess computers, software applications, network, servers, IT security, IT costs, IT vendors, IT staff, IT projects, and telecommunications.

Complete outsourcing of all IT operations – Help Desk and Desktop Support, server administration, network administration, application installation and support, and telephone systems. Manage vendors, projects, personnel, and staffing.

Management and Execution of IT projects – Define project, obtain ownership, determine vendors if needed, manage all work to schedule, budget, and functionality. Vendor Management.

Business Process Improvement & Re-engineering – Analyze processes and workflows. Determine opportunities for improvement. Develop improved processes. Implement and train. Measure improvements.

Telperion’s Assessment Service – Assessment is a process of gathering and documenting information about the assessment interview involves a one-on-one or small group discussion.